We Are Scientists – Goal! England! (Radio Rip)

If you were listening to Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show the other day, he had We Are Scientists in session and asked them to come up with an impromptu World Cup anthem for the England Squad. The results, as you would expect, were brilliant, as well as hilarious, the verse with Rooney was great, and the main chant, “KICKING THE BALL, KICKING THE BALL INTO THE GOAL,” came across typical of their style, like the recent, also hilarious, Nice Guys video. Zane Lowe was talking about campaigning for it to be England’s new, official, World Cup song, as there is a distinct lack of a rubbish FA-sponsored pile of crap floating about. It’s definitely got my vote. Now we have to convince them to record it and beef it up a little past the 1 minute 45 length.

Download Now | Mediafire

Thanks to 1 For The People


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2 Responses to We Are Scientists – Goal! England! (Radio Rip)

  1. Roobai says:

    such an awesome song, thanks for posting!

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