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I’d love to have a song named after me. I’d love even more to have a really great, dance-inducing electro-pop instant classic like this named after me. This lucky bitch has, for which I’ll be eternally jealous. D/R/U/G/S has made what just seems like an effortless crowd-pleaser to me, I mean c’mon, such free-flowing positivity oozes out of this song that it’d seem a waste to not get up and dance along. Download it below, then have a rave or summin’.


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Barcelona native John Talabot steps behind the mike for “I Want Tonite”, a new track for an upcoming release on the city’s Hivern Discs label. A compelling, foot-shaking back beat and bassline set this track up magnificently, whilst Talabot’s vocals sound like the soul of the night itself. Mechanical sounding, I can’t help but picture some kind of noir-ish backdrop for this to soundtrack, a Neo-Barcelona if you will, where neon spires light up a dark city but don’t diminish it’s catalan spirit. Check out the track below.

STREAM: John Talabot – “I Want Tonite”

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The latest demo by those purveyors of lovely melodic lo-fi ditties, Fear of Men, is as delightful as you’d expect. A song which causes, in fact, the complete opposite of it’s title, “Doldrums”. Yep, there’s a pinch of the old melancholia floating around but it doesn’t hinder the simply enticing quality that the song holds down. No better time to embrace.

STREAM: Fear of Men – “Doldrums”

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Here’s the latest track off of Sunless ’97’s forthcoming EP, Making Waves. It sounds like a burst of technicolor, spread thin across an aging canvas; the vocals more a soft plead rather than euphoric chant. Yet, despite a little melancholy, it’s just as enchanting as their last track, “Illuminations” and is more than enough to get me excited for the record’s release. Check it out below.

The launch party also features the live debut of other blog-favourite, Palmistry, RSVP here.

STREAM: Sunless ’97 – “Wicked Gravity”

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Emeli Sande’s Daddy Remix EP is set to drop 27th November, with remixes from Fred V & Grafix, Disclosure, Third Party, Cyantific and Ifan Dafydd, it looks to be a corker. With Ifan Dafydd’s remix already circulating through the internet (and leaving considerable awe in its path), Disclosure has revealed their take on the RnB track, and in theme with the rest, its killer.

The pulsing off beat synth, pounding bass, and swirling hiss, take Emeli Sande’s voice and create something fresh, and crisp. When the bass comes in mid-way through the track, I felt an urge to get out of my chair and jump. A second coming of the beat is introduced with hard hitting thumps at 2.45, like something I can’t quite describe. I don’t like to use the word “big”, but if that was to be applied to this remix, it certainly would be justified.

Forthcoming on Virgin, 27th November, make sure you check out the other remixes too.

STREAM: Emeli Sande – Daddy (Disclosure Remix)

STREAM: Emeli Sande – Daddy (Ifan Dafydd Remix)

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Wow. Just, like wow. Demo material from mysterious rcsa here is sounding amazing. A pleading, begging vocal set against a dank, isolating back-beat make this track nothing but a compelling and deathly addictive mix. I’ve had it on repeat for the last half an hour or so, as if something has just clicked in the back of my head, I’m sat here longing for more.

Info + tempting live dates on the Facebook

STREAM: rcsa – “Throne” (Demo)

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